How it Works: Recovering Single Sale Transactions

December 30, 2020 by: Trevor Murphy You have a product or service where you only bill once, the moment the customer clicks submit on the checkout page. It’s incredibly hard to get that person interested, into your funnel, and finally to the point where they’ve given their credit card and committed to the transaction. They […]

Integrated Partners: Transaction Set-Up

We work with many integrated partners (IP) to help our clients set-up their declined transaction recovery system. There are two options when it comes to transaction set-up: (1) FlexPay only receives declined transactions(2) FlexPay receives all recurring or subscription transactions. The options will depend on the integrated partner and the complexities around payment gateways and […]

FlexPay’s Payment Terms: Our Billing Practices

Payment Terms Our payment terms are Net 7. As a client, you receive an invoice weekly for the previous week’s recovery. Your invoice includes all relevant information in one place. We bill every week as it’s important for us to be transparent with how your recovery is performing. Our payment terms are 7 days following […]

Retention Strategies are Key for Subscription Business Survival

Where are you taking bullets? A survival deviation story. During WWII, the allies mapped bullet holes in planes hit by Nazi anti-aircraft fire. The goal was simple: strengthen the planes by reinforcing areas heavily damaged by enemy artillery to withstand future battles and prevent aircraft casualties. The US military’s immediate decision was to add additional […]

What to Expect as a New Client or Integrated Partner

Client Care is our Focus Every company always states their customers are their number one priority.  They all emphasize that they want the best for the customers.  While some companies do a good job taking care of their customers, others do not.  At FlexPay, we take client care to a whole new level. Here’s what to expect […]

How FlexPay Works With Your Customer Service Team

Our Solution Complements Your Customer Service Efforts When we speak with merchants for the first time, we are frequently asked a question along the lines of “Should I replace my Customer Service team with your service?”. This is a great question, and the answer is simple.  “You shouldn’t!” We Work with Your Customer Service Team […]

How Can I Reduce Involuntary Churn?

Reducing Involuntary Churn How Can I Reduce Involuntary Churn? This is one of the most important questions every business owner wants answered. When an attempt to charge your client results in a decline, that’s involuntary churn. If you’re a subscription or recurring business, they’re the most frustrating customers to lose – the ones that still […]

Five Interesting Facts About FlexPay

Here are five facts that will help you better understand our team and our product We are not a payment gateway. FlexPay may look and feel like a payment gateway, but we are not processing the transactions within our system.  We are middleware, acting as a pass-through tunnel between your System of Record (CRM) and […]

Credit Card Approvals Rates Vary by State

It may surprise you to find out where your business banks and where your customers live impact whether a credit card transaction is approved or declined.   Our team conducted a statistical survey of over 8% of all credit card transactions in the US in 2019. We discovered significant findings that supported our assumption; that geography […]

What Are False Credit Card Declines?

What Are False Credit Card Declines? False declines are valid credit card transactions that are mistakenly rejected by the bank and are one of the leading reasons consumers are unable to make purchases.  Current estimates indicate that about 94% of transactions identified as fraudulent are mischaracterized and should be approved.¹ Of course, there are many […]