Recovering Failed Payments by Collaborating with Subscribers

Recover failed payments with automated customer outreach that is personalized, empathetic, and powered by behavioral science

Engaged Recovery is the most effective payment recovery solution when a subscriber’s help is needed to resolve the payment

  • Each subscriber receives a communication sequence, including email and SMS outreach, delivered with your company’s branding
  • Messaging is thoughtfully crafted using behavioral science to collaborate with the customer to solve the problem
  • Engaged Recovery strengthens the customer relationship, increases retention, and delivers a great customer experience

Engage your subscribers at the right time, with the most effective channels, to resolve payment issues quickly and without customer frustration

Engaged Recovery, rooted in a deep understanding of each customer

Branded outreach

Messages crafted in-line with your brand standards, appropriate for customer-centric organizations

Collaborative approach

Designed to deepen the relationship with the subscriber by presenting the payment renewal as a shared goal ​

Adaptive path​

Responsive cadence that considers past interactions, responding with the logical next step​

Automatic guidance​

Fully automated communication that still feels personal, with the option to escalate to your contact center for additional support​

Customers want to feel appreciated and valued

Engaged Recovery creates unique outreach strategies that collaborate with customers to successfully solve their failed payments

Our behavioral strategies incorporate hundreds of data points to achieve the best responses

Engaged Recovery solves failed payments that require customer engagement, such as those caused by hard declines, delivering a positive customer experience and great results​

Getting started is easy:​

  • Extensive integrations with payment gateway and CRM/billing platforms​
  • Open API for customer billing systems​
  • Easy-to-deploy on-demand system for quick launches ​
  • Dedicated account managers help new customers deploy solution quickly and easily  ​
  • High touch customer success team provides continual support for ongoing optimization of failed payment recovery