Minimize Involuntary Churn with Engaged Recovery

Engaged Recovery, used in conjunction with Invisible Recovery, delivers unmatched recovery results. By showing your customers empathy, providing education on what has happened, and empowering them to act independently, it results in greater customer satisfaction, higher retention, and increased customer satisfaction.

Keep your customers happy

Avoid creating dissatisfaction by selectively applying outreach only to those customers whose involvement is required, using a carefully designed experience optimized for recovery and satisfaction.

Your brand experience continued

Protect valuable customer relationships with strategic multi-channel outreach, including SMS and email, that’s empathetic, collaborative, and maintains your brand messaging.

Your most effective customer outreach

Achieve higher response rates and prompt action from your customers with behavioral science-based outreach that delivers the best journey for each customer during their recovery campaign.

Here’s how behavioral science powers outreach that drives behavior and decision making

Behavioral scientists use sociology, psychology, and anthropology to understand how and why people make decisions. This knowledge is used to design communications that influence emotionally positive customer reactions when asking them to update their credit card information.
Together, they are applied to context, attention, and other external factors to influence behavior and decision making.

Hyper-personalized outreach throughout the customer journey

Different behavioral strategies work for different people. Some customers are motivated when they are in complete control of their payment recovery, and others need a push to take action. To solve this, proven psychological themes are woven into each interaction to create an effective campaign, benefiting both you and your customer.


Telling the customer what has happened and what they can do to fix it.


Shows an understanding of your subscribers and how they view the situation. Used in all outreach messaging.


Empowers subscribers by putting them in control of their payment recovery, driving higher motivation and action.

Realization Effect

Encourages customer behavior by reinforcing what is important to them.

Loss Aversion

Restating the value of the product taps into the drive to avoid loss of access.


Emphasizes that time is running out, prompting the customer to act quickly so they avoid negative outcomes.

Proven Results

By actively involving customers, Engaged Recovery can reduce involuntary churn by an additional 34% beyond Invisible Recovery results.

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