Delivering highest failed payment recovery and churn reduction for Gaming companies

Remove the largest source of Gaming company subscriber churn with the FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ failed payment solution

FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ optimizes failed payment recovery for gaming subscriptions

Gamers love challenges and demand system access whenever they want to play. Gaming companies face strong competition for subscribers, and so they need to meet their subscriber’s requirements, or risk losing members to competitive solutions.

Unfortunately, failed subscriber credit card payments cause service interruptions, and are one of the biggest drivers of customer churn. Invisible Recovery works quickly and effectively to solve failed payments, helping avoid the involuntary subscriber churn and the service interruptions failed payments can cause.

Grow company revenue by 33%!

Failed credit card payments cause churn before gamers would naturally cancel their account. This early churn reduces overall company revenue and growth by eliminating multiple payment cycles after the failed payment. FlexPay’s Invisible Recovery™ solution increases customer LTV by recovering current month’s payment and unlocking future months billings which would otherwise be lost. FlexPay allows gaming  subscribers to choose when they want to end their subscription, and avoid having a failed payment make the decision for them.

Learn how FlexPay clients experience an average 33% increase in total revenue collected in the first 12 months, and accelerate customer acquisition.

Unique payment recovery strategy optimized for each failed transaction

Gaming subscription payments are declined by card authorization systems for hundreds of reasons, and only the most sophisticated and effective payment recovery solutions intelligently adapt to each failed payment. The FlexPay AI-Powered Invisible Recovery™ solution creates a unique recovery strategy for each failed payment, maximizing recovery rates.

Controlling failed payments is a competitive advantage

FlexPay’s Invisible Recovery™ solution delivers the highest failed payment recovery performance, creating longer lasting and more satisfied gaming subscribers, who make more in-game purchases, and have longer lifespans.

Extend relationships with every gaming subscriber by reducing the largest cause of involuntary churn

  • Reduce up to 75% of gaming subscriber churn caused by failed payments
  • Collect the future payments that become available after recovery, creating cumulative revenue growth and increasing customer LTV
  • Accelerate future subscriber growth that only becomes possible with increased LTV, activating both a larger customer acquisition budget and allowable cost of acquistion

FlexPay Integrations

Gaming Integrations

CRM Integrations

FlexPay has integrations with most of the major subscription billing platforms, including Stripe and Chargify, allowing quick and easy deployments.


Gateway Integrations

FlexPay has integrations with over 115 payment gateways, including Chase and FIS.


Custom Integrations

FlexPay’s API supports integrations with custom billing and payments systems, supporting deployments on virtually any platform.