Direct Selling

Delivering highest failed payment recovery and churn reduction for Direct Selling services

Remove the largest source of Direct Selling customer subscription churn with the FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ failed payment solution

FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ optimizes failed payment recovery for direct sellers

Direct selling and MLM businesses prioritize great customer and agent experience, uninterrupted autoship service, and managing their risk profiles to continue scaling their customer base. One of the biggest barriers to scaling a direct selling business is failed payments, which is a direct cause of customer churn. The short payment recovery window mandates solutions to have faster processing times to avoid lost revenue and reduce the impact on agents’ sales. Invisible Recovery works quickly and without any contact requirements, avoiding churn while maximizing revenue from industry-best failed payment recovery.

Experience faster cashflow delivery and grow company revenue by 33%!

Failed credit card payments cause customer churn before the natural end of a customer account, reducing overall company revenue and growth by preventing future multiple payment cycles from occurring.  High performance payment recovery increases customer LTV by recovering the current month’s payment and unlocking future months of billing.  FlexPay allows direct selling customers to choose when they want to end their subscription, and avoid having a failed payment make the decision for them.

Learn how FlexPay subscription clients experience an average 33% increase in total revenue collected in the first 12 months, and accelerate customer acquisition.

Each direct selling customer matters and deserves the best recovery strategy

Payments are declined by card authorization systems for hundreds of reasons, so payment recovery solutions must intelligently adapt to each failed payment. The FlexPay AI-Powered Invisible Recovery™ solution creates a unique recovery strategy for each failed payment, maximizing recovery rates.

Gain control of payments and revenue

FlexPay’s Invisible Recovery™ solution achieves the highest performance, creating long-lasting and more satisfied customers and agents, and delivers a consistent experience, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Deepen relationships with every autoship customer by reducing the largest cause of churn

  • Reduce up to 75% of customer churn caused by failed payments
  • Earn future payments available after recovery, creating cumulative revenue growth and increasing customer LTV
  • Accelerate future customer growth with additional customer acquisition budget gained from recovered revenue

FlexPay Integrations

Direct Selling

CRM Integrations

FlexPay has integrations with most of the major subscription billing platforms, including Stripe and Chargify, allowing quick and easy deployments.


Gateway Integrations

FlexPay has integrations with over 115 payment gateways, including Chase and FIS.


Custom Integrations

FlexPay’s API supports integrations with custom billing and payments systems, supporting deployments on virtually any platform.