About FlexPay

FlexPay is the leading failed payment recovery platform, helping subscription companies solve the failed payment problem and the customer churn it creates.

Team Summary

FlexPay was founded by online merchants and payments industry veterans who recognized the friction in the payments ecosystem caused by the lack of data transparency, and misaligned priorities between payment authorization systems, merchants and customers.
We have a deep and long history with both acquiring and card issuing banks. This is how we understand the systems that control the transaction approval processes within issuers for card-not-present transactions, known as a “risk decline system”.

The FlexPay mission is to increase trust and transparency in the payments ecosystem, removing friction that prevents accurate payment authorization decisions and reducing failed payments and fraud losses.

Company Information

FlexPay is a trusted partner for hundreds of the leading subscription, ecommerce and SaaS brands, reducing the pain caused by failed payments, increasing revenue and customer LTV, and decreasing customer churn. FlexPay uses AI and machine learning to create individualized failed payment recovery strategies for each declined payment, solving for the hundreds of reasons a payment authorization request can be denied. The FlexPay solution solves one of the biggest pain points businesses with subscription and recurring billing face.

FlexPay is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Platform Overview

FlexPay is a key component of the modern payments tech stack, supplementing the CRM/payment and payment gateway integration systems with the critical capability to recover the false declines that are generated when the payments authorization system declines legitimate payment authorization requests.  FlexPay enhances the payments tech stack to optimize the recovery success of failed payments, avoiding customer churn that is created by recovery methods that require customer involvement in the solution. FlexPay increases total payment approval success, and closes the payment decline gap.

100% Success Rate

The FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ solution has increased the failed payment recovery rate, and increased revenue and customer retention, for 100% of deployed customers.