Earn More Revenue with the Best Failed Payment Recovery Solution

Recover payments quickly, retain subscribers,
maintain a positive brand experience

Retain more of your subscribers and
increase profits with FlexPay

Get the highest recovery rate, longer life span post recovery, and reduced churn with FlexPay. Our platform selects the ideal solution to deliver the best results, working within the payments system with Invisible Recovery or delivering tailored outreach with Engaged Recovery if customer involvement is needed.

Recover all types of failed payments

Innovative technology platform recovers all types of failed payments, automatically selecting the ideal recovery solution for each failed payment to deliver the highest recovery and revenue.

Reliable and fast recovery

Multiple integration options, including API and access to 40+ CRMs, means quick set-up, no disruptions to billing, and instant recovery improvements compared to traditional in-house methods.

Continuous improvement

Ongoing investment in R&D leads to regular AI model and system upgrades, delivering continuous gains in recovery performance and improved decision making.

Protects brand experience

Preserve customer satisfaction and retention by resolving payments directly within the payments system when possible, and engaging customers when necessary through behavioral science outreach that echoes your brand.

How it works

FlexPay uses multiple technologies to achieve the highest failed payment recovery rate, preserving the customer relationship, and mitigating churn.

1. Evaluation Stage

The FlexPay platform determines the optimal solution needed to deliver the highest recovery rates, the best customer experience, and the longest retention rates for full customer LTV.

2. Invisible Recovery™

Invisible Recovery works directly with the payments system, recovering failed payments so quickly and effectively that the customer never knows their payment failed. There is no interruption in product or service delivery and the customer relationship continues on as normal.

3. Engaged Recovery

Engaged Recovery is deployed when the customer must be contacted to resolve the failed payment. Leveraging behavioral science, a combination of outreach methods is delivered to the customer to prompt a positive reaction and a quick response.

4. Recovered Customer

All types of failed payments are recovered to reduce churn using strategies that maintain a positive customer experience. A seamless payment process improves subscriber retention and helps subscription companies achieve full customer LTV.

Integrations. The power of a well-connected tech stack

FlexPay integrates with 100+ billing and payment processing systems, making it easy to get started quickly.

How many more customers could you retain?

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