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The leading AI-powered failed payment recovery solution to unlock limitless growth for subscription businesses

Credit card authorization systems use legacy technology built for in-person, single purchase transactions – the system was not designed to support recurring billing relationships that make the subscription business model so powerful.
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Recovered Customer

The FlexPay platform uses a multi-dimensional approach to create individual recovery strategies for each failed payment

FlexPay’s failed payment recovery platform creates unique strategies for every failed payment, delivering the highest rates of recovered revenue, longest customer retention, and increased customer lifetime value. Only the FlexPay platform delivers the highly effective combination of  Invisible Recovery™ and Engaged Recovery.​

Invisible Recovery™

Invisible Recovery™ is the highly effective payment recovery system applied to most soft declines, interacting directly with the payments system while avoiding customer involvement in the recovery process

Engaged Recovery

Engaged Recovery, powered by Symend technology, is the powerful recovery tool applied when customer engagement is needed for payment resolution, such as hard declines caused by expired or stolen credit cards

Recover every kind of failed payment 

1. Evaluation Stage

The FlexPay platform evaluates each failed payment record based upon multiple factors, selecting the optimal solution for each failure reason to deliver the highest recovery rates, the best customer experience, and the longest retention rates to maximize customer LTV.

2. Invisible Recovery™

The FlexPay AI-powered Invisible Recovery™ solution is highly effective for most decline reasons, including false declines and NSF, directly interacting with the payments system to recover failed payments without customer involvement. Invisible Recovery™ creates recovery strategies for each failed payment, optimizing for decline reason, issuing bank, and different card types.

3. Engaged Recovery

Engaged Recovery is highly effective when customer engagement is required for payment recovery, such as when a hard decline or expired card causes a failed payment. The Engaged Recovery AI selects the outreach channel and messaging most appropriate for each customer, balancing both recovery and customer experience. Unlike dunning or collection-based systems, Engaged Recovery collaborates with subscription customers to quickly and positively resolve failed payments and keep subscriptions active.

4. Recovered Customer

FlexPay recovers customers otherwise lost to failed payments and improves customer retention because we understand the multiple priorities of subscription businesses. Only FlexPay develops recovery strategies for all types of failed payments, recovering customers with processes that support customer satisfaction and retention. Plus, FlexPay doesn’t harm merchant account health or create chargebacks because payment recovery at the expense of higher merchant account fees or a higher risk profile is not acceptable.


This tech stack results in a 24% payment decline rate which results in lost revenue and customer churn.


The modern three-tier payment tech stack incorporates payment authorization management and closes the failed payment gap.

Getting started is easy:​

  • Extensive integrations with payment gateway and CRM/billing platforms​
  • Open API for customer billing systems​
  • Easy-to-deploy on-demand system for quick launches ​
  • Dedicated account managers help new customers deploy solution quickly and easily  ​
  • High touch customer success team provides continual support for ongoing optimization of failed payment recovery