Reduce involuntary churn with failed payment recovery

Losing customers to failed payments means less revenue and profit. FlexPay’s clients have earned 30% of their annual revenue from customers we recovered.

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Stop failed payments from causing churn with a recovery system that avoids service disruptions, intelligently navigates customer emotions, and improves retention rates.

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Recovered customers continue to bill month after month, creating compounded growth and earning more revenue for your business.

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FlexPay’s Failed Payment Recovery Platform

Recover all types of failed payments and minimize churn

FlexPay’s platform selects the best method to recover each failed payment, delivering the highest subscriber recovery and retention rates. The result is a significant reduction in your involuntary churn, and more revenue from recovered customers.

Invisible Recovery™

AI-powered Invisible Recovery works directly with the payments system to recover most failed payments quickly without the customer ever knowing their payment was declined.

Engaged Recovery™

For failed payments requiring customer involvement, Engaged Recovery applies behavioral science to persuade customers to promptly resolve the problem and keep their subscription active.

Integrations. The power of a well-connected tech stack

FlexPay integrates with 100+ billing and payment processing systems, making it easy to get started quickly.

How failed payments impact the customer experience

Failed payments can harm customer satisfaction and cause brand damage. Learn what causes failed payments and how to solve them by implementing the ideal failed payment recovery solution.

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