Client Care is our Focus

Every company always states their customers are their number one priority.  They all emphasize that they want the best for the customers.  While some companies do a good job taking care of their customers, others do not.  At FlexPay, we take client care to a whole new level. Here’s what to expect as a new client or integrated partner.

Whether we are onboarding a new client or an integration partner, we give each client our complete attention. From the day they meet our team, we’re focused on delivering the best client care experience through the rest of their journey with us.

Client Expectations

As a client, you can expect to get a full breakdown of FlexPay’s service, pricing model, how it works, how we integrate, and any other detail you are looking for from our Sales Team.  Afterwards, you’ll meet your dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM), who will guide you through the setup and what it entails.  The CSM will also review reporting expectations, show you how to manage the FlexPay dashboard, and work with you to provide any specific reports that can help your business.

Once the client setup is complete, the CSM will send weekly updates on performance, monthly ROI reports, monthly newsletters, and any other reports you may need at your preferred frequency.  The relationship doesn’t stop there. Our team cares about your success, and we’re happy to share any contacts that we have in our industry networks that can help you with your business.  We connect our clients to various partners to help with chargebacks or campaigns and introduce them to our partners to acquire merchant processors.   We will also introduce you to our marketing partners, who can help grow your business, or fulfillment companies to increase your orders.  Our team provides a white glove service to our valued clients. With that comes sharing any information, contacts, data, or updates that can help you succeed.

Integration Partner Expectations

For our integration partners, we aim to make it as seamless as possible.  Our dedicated Integration Managers spec out each integration’s requirements, including the cost, development time, and hours of work. We want to work with our partners as efficiently as possible.  We test new integrations in a testing environment before running with any live client to ensure any potential glitches are sorted and debugged.  Once the integration is running, we continuously work with your team to ensure that clients get the most of FlexPay’s service. Our team also refers our network to your service (whether that is a CRM or gateway).

Our Commitment to You

Our clients are the most important part of who we are. We work to ensure you get the most out of the relationship, and your lifetime value is maximized.

We’re excited to meet you and look forward to working with you. Contact our team to start today.