We work with many integrated partners (IP) to help our clients set-up their declined transaction recovery system. There are two options when it comes to transaction set-up:

(1) FlexPay only receives declined transactions
(2) FlexPay receives all recurring or subscription transactions.

The options will depend on the integrated partner and the complexities around payment gateways and routing capabilities. In short, we can work with all transactions or only declined transactions.

Note: FlexPay is PCI Level 1 Certified. This is the highest degree of certification in payment processing and allows us to process all types of payments across all major card issuers.

Option 1: Declined Transactions

Integrated Partner will select the FlexPay Platform when an active customer’s recurring billing failed its automated renewal because the payment was not successful.

In this case, FlexPay is configured to receive the payment attempt only when the first payment failed. This method is the preferred method when the integration partner already has ways to configure the decline salvage process and has some payment gateway routing capacity. Once the payment is recovered using the FlexPay system, the IP can assign FlexPay as the payment processor for all future transaction attempts or return to their usual process. If the option to run all future transactions is enabled, we will process both declines and all recovered customer transactions. Our solution will only reattempt the transaction after 24 hours have passed. We require the decline reason from the IP and the payment gateway to analyze the transaction and determine the reattempt process.

Option 2: All Transactions

The FlexPay platform is used to process all recurring billing payments.

This option is decided during the initial onboarding conversation when we’re talking about integrations. If routing between different payment processors is a concern, the IP can have all recurring payments processed using our platform. This requires us working with your team to have an internal vault set-up or giving access to send the payment method information before calling our platform. We also support payment method tokens at the gateway. At this time, we do not support an external vault provider’s management through our API.

Whichever the case may be, our team will work with you during onboarding and integration to set-up the preferred options. An integration specialist is assigned to each IP and works with you to identify the best solution.

Our team is committed to your success. To learn more about what you can expect when working with us, check out this article.

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