Payment Terms

Our payment terms are Net 7.

As a client, you receive an invoice weekly for the previous week’s recovery. Your invoice includes all relevant information in one place. We bill every week as it’s important for us to be transparent with how your recovery is performing. Our payment terms are 7 days following receipt of your invoice.

Unlike payment processing merchants, we do not collect the payment right when the credit transaction occurs. We charge our clients only when a credit card transaction is recovered. This means that our clients have already received funds on their end before we collect the payment. You are never out of pocket when it comes time to pay your invoice!

You can find out more information about how to pay your invoice in this article.

If you have any questions relating to billing and payments, you can reach out directly to your Client Success Manager, or our accounting team is here to help. Our team aims to make invoicing, payments and billing as simple as we can for our clients.