How Does FlexPay Bill Clients?

FlexPay clients are billed weekly by invoice. One week after sending the invoice to you, we will charge you on the payment option you’ve decided to go with.

Here is some more information on our billing process.

As part of your onboarding and contract signing process, FlexPay works with you to determine your baseline and rate. You will witness firsthand how easy this process is, and be reassured that you are paying on the lift we generate for you. (For more information on this, refer to our Pricing model.) Our Client Success Managers (CSM) and integration experts, if applicable, will guide you on what needs to happen to enable FlexPay. This process is quite simple, and you will be pleased with how transparent we are. (We pride ourselves on being fully transparent with our clients in everything we do!) Once onboarding and set-up are complete, you can start enjoying having experts looking into this aching pain of credit card declines. From day one, you will start seeing the positive impact in your bank account!

We do not touch your money at any point in time, so we invoice you for payment. Given our pricing model, the amount we charge represents more money for you and less time wasted managing declines yourself! Our weekly invoice includes the amount recovered and all relevant adjustments such as refunds, chargebacks and multi-currency information, if applicable. Sending this weekly helps to ensure we meet our goal of being as transparent as possible with you. We want to show you what’s happening with your declines as often as we can! This simple invoice complements the rich information available in the FlexPay platform and your personalized monthly detailed report that you receive from the CSM team.