Here are five facts that will help you better understand our team and our product

  1. We are not a payment gateway.

FlexPay may look and feel like a payment gateway, but we are not processing the transactions within our system.  We are middleware, acting as a pass-through tunnel between your System of Record (CRM) and your Payment Gateway.  What this means is that FlexPay receives a failed transaction from your system and passes it through to your gateway.  When one of these transactions comes back in a declined state, FlexPay reviews it and tells your CRM what to do with that transaction moving forward.  We stay involved with the specific transaction until it approves, or we deem it unrecoverable.

  1. FlexPay never touches the funds you receive from the transaction.

Your transactions are always attempted on your own merchant accounts.  FlexPay will never redirect your transaction to a merchant account that is outside of your control. It is important for FlexPay that you keep control of your transactions and your funds

  1. FlexPay does not contact your customers or payment processor.

FlexPay acts as a pass-through between your CRM and your payment gateway, so everything looks the same to your customers and your payment processor.  We process your transactions using your credentials in your merchant accounts, ensuring everything is seamless.  When working with us, you never need to worry about anything appearing out of the ordinary.

  1. Your chargeback rate will not change.

Many merchants are concerned with chargeback rates, and for a good reason. The health of your merchant accounts is imperative for your success; we understand that! When you work with us, you can rest assured that your chargeback ratio will not change.  Our team has done extensive research on chargeback rates to determine if there is an impact before or after working with FlexPay. The results are clear; the overall ratio is not impacted. 

To learn more about chargebacks and our research, read this article here .

  1. Before FlexPay, we were online marketers.

You likely do not know this, but before we were FlexPay, we were a team of online marketers and business consultants that helped merchants manage their subscription businesses.  FlexPay was a tool that we created to address our internal need to recapture our own failed credit card transactions.  As a former merchant, we built our product and our business model with merchants, like you, in mind.  From our pricing model to how our Customer Success team understands your business, you will see this in every interaction you have with us. We view everyone who uses our service as a partner rather than merely another customer.

These are just five of the many interesting facts you will learn about FlexPay and our team. Our goal is to ensure that you, as one of our partners, have access to as much information as you need. 

If you have any other questions about how FlexPay works, you can connect with us here.