#1 in Failed Payment Recovery and Prevention

The AI-Powered solution recovering the revenue and customers that subscription companies lose to failed payments

Recover failed payments directly within the payments system avoiding customer involvement and visibility, powered by AI and ML retry strategies crafted for each failed payment​

Invisible Recovery™ is the most effective solution to recover failed payments, and avoids the churn created when customers are aware of a failed payment

  • Recover up to 70% of failed payments
  • Faster recovery means revenue recovered in just 2.6 days vs other recovery methods that take 30 days
  • Solve the biggest source of subscriber churn quickly and reliably

Invisible Recovery™, powerful technology recovering most failed payments​

Most effective failed payment recovery solution

AI-powered solution creates individual recovery strategies for each failed payment, optimizing for billions of recovery possibilities that include hundreds of failure reasons, thousands of issuing banks, hundreds of card types, and other variables​​

Recovers up to 70% of failed payments​

Unmatched recovery performance delivers direct revenue gains in month of recovery, plus up to to 45% longer customer retention following recovery compared to other methods​​

Saving the customers lost to failed payments​

Increases customer LTV, revenue, and profits by recovering payments and reducing churn caused by failed payments

Unmatched growth acceleration​

Accelerate annual revenue growth up to 33% by adding revenue from recovered customers

Regain the revenue and customers lost to failed payments with the only failed payment platform optimized to work directly within the payments system, while optimizing customer experience and satisfaction​

Invisible Recovery™ is the most effective FinTech solution to recover failed payments, retain recovered customers longer, and accelerate revenue growth​

Recovered revenue calculator

FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ delivers sustained growth in annual revenue and active customers

Subscription businesses often don’t understand the true economic cost failed payments cause by creating unnecessary customer churn. Conversely, the full economic value of customers recovered following failed payments is underestimated because the full LTV recovered customers is not calculated. Calculate the estimated 12-month revenue gains that Invisible Recovery™ can deliver for your subscription business, regardless of whether an failed payment recovery solution is in place or not. In addition, the Recovery Calculator provides critical forecasts for the growth in active subscription customers your business can enjoy, and the increased customer LTV value that Invisible Recovery™ delivers to subscription businesses from recovered customers.
Calculate revenue Growth

Merchant account health

Some failed payment solutions aggressively resubmit failed payments in ways that may temporarily increase recovery results. However, aggressive recovery tactics can increase merchant account risk factors, leading to higher rates, fines, and even account cancellation. Here are some examples of recovery tactics to avoid that can increase merchant account risk factors.

  • Forced capture or forced deposits is a practice that resubmits payments requests on accounts where the pre-authorization was declined, or re-using another pre-authorization to break a payment into smaller pieces
  • Resubmitting transactions with hard declines

FlexPay maximizes failed payment recovery while avoiding recovery methods that threaten merchant account health. Plus, the FlexPay Invisible Recovery™ solution does not increase chargeback rates.

Invisible Recovery™ works so fast and effectively that, as far as the customer knows,
the failed payment never happened​

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Getting started is easy:​

  • Extensive integrations with payment gateway and CRM/billing platforms​
  • Open API for customer billing systems​
  • Easy-to-deploy on-demand system for quick launches ​
  • Dedicated account managers help new customers deploy solution quickly and easily  ​
  • High touch customer success team provides continual support for ongoing optimization of failed payment recovery