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Recovering the revenue and customers
lost to all failed payment reasons

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Payments Tech Stack

A deep dive into the payments tech stack and how to solve friction in the ecosystem

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FlexPay recovers up to 52% of failed payments, ensuring continuous network access.

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Limitless Subscription Growth 

Recover the 48% of subscription customer churn caused by all types of failed payments while optimizing customer experience and retention

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Failed payments are mostly caused by friction in the payments ecosystem

Subscription businesses must understand why failed payments occur, so they can apply the proper solutions and avoid the costs they cause​

Three failed payment truths

1. Only 12% of declined payments are truly fraudulent

Most failed payments are not caused by fraudulent customers or by customers with bad credit cards

2. They are not a collections issue

False declines occur for all types of customers, including ones with available credit

3. It’s not caused by a single point of failure

There are billions of reasons why a transaction fails

Solving failed payments is a complex problem

Credit card payment authorization requests are declined for billions of reasons

Over 8,000 banks issue credit cards to consumers in North America alone and each bank uses its own rules for approving and declining credit card authorizations. ​

On top of this, there are hundreds of declined payment reason codes returned by banks and each type of credit card (loyalty cards, gold cards, etc.) has its own approval rule sets.​

Maximum recovery rates can only be earned when recovery strategies are designed to handle the complex combination of issuing banks, decline reasons, card types, and many other factors that influence each transaction approval. ​

The FlexPay platform delivers the highest failed payment recovery rates while also optimizing critical subscription business priorities​​

FlexPay understands that subscription businesses must recover the customers and revenue lost to failed payments, without sacrificing customer retention and merchant account health.

FlexPay Platform:

  • Optimizes customer experience, customer retention, and LTV following recovery
  • ​Invisible RecoveryTM avoids customer visibility of failed payments thereby reducing additional churn​
  • Minimizes retry attempts while delivering maximum recovery rates, avoiding harm to merchant accounts​
  • Engaged Recovery optimizes the experience when customer involvement is required by creating an empathetic collaboration strategy for each customer ​
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FlexPay has recovered up to 52.4% of failed payments for, the leading professional community for global leaders, delivering significant improvements in revenue, customer retention, and profit growth.

FlexPay Integrations

FlexPay has integrations with the leading billing and payment processing systems to allow fast and easy deployments with your existing payment processes and technologies.

Recover up to 70% of subscription customers lost to failed payments while optimizing customer experience, relationships, and retention.

Our Vision: a better payment ecosystem for everyone

A lack of transparency and access to information between stakeholders during payment authorization reduces authorization decision accuracy and the completion rates of legitimate transactions.

FlexPay is dedicated to increasing trust and transparency in the payments ecosystem. We are committed to helping all stakeholders by improving authorization decision accuracy and removing barriers that limit the completion of legitimate transactions.