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FlexPay’s AI-powered Invisible RecoveryTM solution delivers the highest failed credit card payment recovery performance, recovering the most revenue and saved customers.

The Payment Ecosystem

A lack of transparency and access to information between stakeholders during payment authorization reduces authorization decision accuracy and the completion rates of legitimate transactions.

FlexPay is dedicated to increasing trust and transparency in the payments ecosystem. We are committed to helping all stakeholders by improving authorization decision accuracy and removing barriers that limit the completion of legitimate transactions.

FlexPay Invisible Recovery™

Up to 24% of subscription credit card payments fail due to credit card authorization system false declines. FlexPay’s AI-powered declined payment recovery solution is the highest performing recovery solution available.

44% of consumers reduce purchases or stop buying from a merchant after a failed payment.  Avoiding customer exposure to failed payments whenever possible is critical since visibility to the failed payment itself is a primary cause of customer churn.  FlexPay’s AI-powered Invisible Recovery™ works fast, and eliminates the need to engage customers in failed payment recovery.  Invisible Recovery™ delivers more revenue, avoids indirect churn, and improves the customer experience.

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AI technology is a capability with tremendous ability to solve complex problems, but only skilled and knowledgeable programmers and data scientists can build AI solutions that deliver its full potential.  Only FlexPay’s AI-powered solution has been programmed with decades of payments industry expertise, and trained on a giga dataset of over 5 billion transactions records. FlexPay’s AI creates unique strategies to optimize recovery from each individual failed payment, optimizing recovery across the hundreds of reasons payments fail.

FlexPay’s AI-powered Invisible Recovery™ solution delivers the highest failed payment recovery rates in the industry.  The financial benefits of improving failed payment recovery rates are profound because the cumulative revenue gained from continuing the lifespan of customers recovered from failed payments accelerates overall company revenue and profit growth.  The ability of sustainable, high performing failed payment recovery solutions to accelerate revenue drives companies to strive for maximum payment recovery results.

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Failed payments drive customer churn, which causes the loss of future subscription payments from these customers who churn before your relationship with them would have naturally ended.  This cumulative revenue loss demands businesses utilize the failed payment recovery solutions with the highest overall recovery rate. Learn how to accurately calculate the annual revenue impact from failed payments, and optimized recovery.

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FlexPay has recovered up to 52.4% of failed payments for, the leading professional community for global leaders, delivering significant improvements in revenue, customer retention, and profit growth.

FlexPay Integrations

FlexPay has integrations with the leading billing and payment processing systems to allow fast and easy deployments with your existing payment processes and technologies.