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Minimize false declines
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Too many Card Not Present (CNP) consumer purchases are declined

  • Processing credit card payments when a card is not physically present results in higher declines.
  • This decline rate dramatically impacts your customer lifetime value and your bottom line.
  • FlexPay’s Enhanced Payment Gateway uses Machine Learning to improve approval ratios, lower transaction fees, and reduce chargebacks.
  • The best part, there’s no cost or risk to get more of your money back. It’s time to change the way you do business. It’s time to make the money you’ve already earned.
FlexPay clients see a 30-35% recovery rate within the first month.
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  1. Every transaction contains a number of risk properties and reasons why banks may decline online payments. We consider the risk and value of each transaction using over 70 data points to best determine when, where, and how to process each transaction.
  2. FlexPay is PCI Level 1 Compliant, easy to use, and currently certified with over 120 payments processors. We’re able to collect and analyze new information gained at every transaction so more of your transactions are approved.
  3. We get it because we’ve been there with 15 years of experience as a high volume CNP merchant, and we have a deep and long history with acquiring and issuing banks. This is how we understand the systems that control the transaction approval processes within issuers for CNP transactions, known as a “risk decline system”.
The Result

More Money in
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Amount to date that our clients have
recovered from Credit Card Declines.

Flexpay gets a minimum of 30% for its customers,
some get as much as 50%

Find out how much flexpay
can recover for you:


How many customers do you bill per month?


What's the average value of your customer's monthly order


What percentage of . your customer's credit cards get declined?


If your business recovers credit card declines, what percentage is your success rate?

Before FlexPay, you were recovering about:
FlexPay should bring that number to at least:
That's not the Whole Story

When you recover a customer, the chances are very good that they'll continue to be a customer for some time, rebilling month after month. Our clients typically get at least two more rebills from their customers. Some get as high as six (maybe even more for you!).


When you recover a customer, how many rebills do you get on those customers on average?

Before FlexPay, you were recovering about:
FlexPay should bring that number to at least:

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