Your Questions Answered

When you first start looking for a solution to help you recover declined and failed transactions, you usually have some questions around chargebacks, how the solution works, integrations, and so on. We’ve compiled a list of the common questions to help you understand our solution and evaluate if it meets your needs and is the right fit for you! 

Payment Recovery Solution: 10 Popular Questions

  1. Will using FlexPay increase or hurt our Chargeback rate? 

No, your chargebacks will not increase as a result of using FlexPay. We used to be merchants and know the impact of chargebacks on your business. We understand most companies worry about their chargeback rate, and we’ve spent significant time covering this topic, which you can read in this article. 

  1. Can you accommodate straight sale transactions or just continuity businesses? 

Our ideal client is a continuity business, as that is where our solution really shines. However, as the industry changes and more clients take on straight sale campaigns, we are changing to accommodate these transactions. Check out this post on how we can help recover single sale transactions.

  1. Are you a gateway?

No, we are middleware. We act as a pass-through tunnel between your System of Record (CRM) and your Payment Gateway.  We receive the failed transaction from your system and pass it through to your gateway.

  1. What if my CRM is not integrated with you? 

We are continually working with new partners and adding more integration points.  You can find all of our live integrations here. If we do not directly integrate into your CRM, we may have a webhook that allows you to integrate via a plug-in.  So, feel free to send us a message, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer. Otherwise, our integration team is happy to get in touch with the product team of the CRM and work on a new integration to accommodate your needs. If you’re looking to set-up a new integration, contact us here.

  1. What is a baseline? 

A baseline is what we use as a performance benchmark.  It is what you recovered on your own before starting with us. 

  1. How is a baseline calculated? 

We analyze your historical data from your CRM and calculate the baseline based on your declines and recovery.  Each CRM has different reports or exports available that our team requires to complete this process. We will request a variety of information from you to calculate the baseline, and we will share the results with you following the analysis. If you don’t have a baseline, that’s no problem! We will work with you and come up with an agreed-upon assumption. 

  1. If I sign up today, can I process declines from 3 months ago? 

Absolutely! It’s important to consider chargebacks and their effect on older data, so when we look at pulling historical declines, we need to be conscious of how far back we go.  Our team will help you determine the timeline and rerun past declines to maximize revenue recovery. 

  1. How does FlexPay’s billing system work?

You will receive an invoice weekly. For a complete rundown of how we bill you, take a look at this post. You can view an example of an invoice here and an explanation of the terms.

  1. How do I know FlexPay is not overcharging me? 

Our company is focused on delivering the best service and being honest and fair. After the first three months of service, we run a true-up where we review all transactions and performance, and we adjust the billing rate accordingly. You can look at our Pricing, where you’ll get a full breakdown of how it works.

  1. Why should we choose FlexPay?

If you’re looking to partner with a company that genuinely values each of its clients and delivers exceptional client care, you’ll want to consider us.  Sure, many companies say their customers are their number one priority, but our team takes it to a whole new level. We’re always striving to be better and to do more. We are always pushing boundaries and looking to improve our solution, which in turn benefits our clients!

Are you ready to discover how we can help you recover your transactions? Get started by booking a demo today! Or, check out our blog for additional information on approval optimization, reasons why retention strategies are important and much more.