The Future of Shopping: How Gen Z Has Embraced Subscriptions

Members of Gen Z are digital natives, the first generation to live completely in the internet age. Born between 1997 and 2012, it seems they’ve got a smart phone permanently glued to their hands. While parents might not like this, Gen Z’s attachment to technology is great news for subscriptionbusinesses — this generation uses their […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve the Problem of Failed Payments

When you recover a failed payment you’re recovering a customer, not simply a transaction. This means the way you recover your failed payments must give you the longest uninterrupted lifecycle following recovery. You want to keep the customer for many months to come. To do this, avoid methods that contribute to churn, such as ways […]

The True Cost of Failed Payments

On the surface, growing a subscription business is pretty straightforward. You bill your existing customers, add in your new subscribers, and subtract the number of customers you lose to churn. But what if you can’t get your churn under control? You could end up losing a huge amount of money each month and that’s dangerous. […]