Unlocking the Fastest Driver of Subscription Revenue Growth:

Discover failed payment recovery best practices and learn how to calculate the full value of a recovered customer


The credit card payments system is not often thought of as a key factor that impacts subscription company growth, but the fact is that subscription businesses rely on a high-functioning card payments system to engage seamlessly with their customers. Unfortunately, for subscription businesses, they experience collateral damage from the ongoing battle between banks and fraudsters. The bank’s efforts to reduce losses from credit card fraud result in billions of dollars annually in rejected payments, lost revenue and customer churn for subscription businesses.

Luckily there are advanced technology solutions designed for subscription companies to solve this problem.

During this 20 minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • Failed payment recovery best practices to optimize customer recovery 
  • How to calculate the full value of recovered customers 
  • Use a real customer example to calculate the revenue growth unlocked by customer recovery
Steve Arentzoff FlexPay VP Marketing Bio Headshot

Speaker Bio

Steve Arentzoff

Steve is a modern, results-oriented marketing executive with over 20 years of senior technology marketing leadership, building high-performance marketing organizations, category leadership, marketing and sales alignment, and accelerated company growth rates. Before joining FlexPay, Steve was VP of Demand Generation at Medallia, and Senior Vice President of Global Digital Marketing at Cision.