Outlook 2023: Subscription Success in a Slowing Economy

Fireside chat on steps you can take to ensure continuous subscription growth

How do you create an unbeatable market lead during this uncertain environment?

Regardless of the industry you are in or the size of your business, you need to stay ahead of competitors – not just in products and services, but in profitability and growth too.

Join Darryl Hicks, CEO/Founder and payments system expert, and Steve Arentzoff, SVP of Marketing and LTV guru, as they discuss new challenges in the subscription industry caused by the slowing economy, and concrete steps subscription businesses should take to set themselves up for the most success in 2023.

In this 25-minute conversation, you will learn:

  • Steps to create transformational growth for your subscription business in 2023
  • How to create an unassailable lead to ensure your competitive advantage
  • Upgrades to your tech stack to reduce churn, and increase overall customer LTV

Don’t lose another customer due to involuntary churn caused by false decline

Darryl Hicks Headshot

Speaker Bio

Darryl Hicks

CEO/Fouder, FlexPay

Darryl has been active as a successful serial entrepreneur and technology expert for more than 20 years. A pioneer in Card Not Present sales, Darryl has extensive experience building and managing technologically complex online and offline Direct Marketing businesses. Darryl is the CEO, and Founder of FlexPay, a transaction processing gateway that leverages machine learning to reduce credit card declines, as well as performing transaction cost and risk arbitrage. FlexPay was born out of necessity to optimize the significant volume of credit card processing within his Marketing and e-commerce businesses. Darryl has founded or co-founded several successful B2C and B2B businesses in the past, servicing millions of consumer customers across four continents, successfully exiting from two larger companies (2006, 2011). He has also served on the boards of multiple early-stage companies, holds technology patents, and serves as an active advisor to many e-commerce and Direct Marketing entrepreneurs.

Steve Arentzoff FlexPay VP Marketing Bio Headshot

Speaker Bio

Steve Arentzoff

SVP of Marketing, FlexPay

Steve is a modern, results-oriented marketing executive with over 20 years of senior technology marketing leadership, building high-performance marketing organizations, category leadership, marketing and sales alignment, and accelerated company growth rates. Before joining FlexPay, Steve was VP of Demand Generation at Medallia, and Senior Vice President of Global Digital Marketing at Cision.