Optimizing Failed Payment Recovery Using AI and Machine Learning


Subscription-based businesses are facing increased challenges from failed payments as payment authorization systems try to manage fraud losses from cybercrime and reactions to the continuing growth in card-not-present transactions accelerated by COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how AI and machine learning algorithms’ unique ability to deploy individualized strategies to optimize failed payment recovery make them uniquely suited to this problem compared to customer service, dunning, or rules-based recovery solutions. Attendees will also learn the best practices for programming AI and ML algorithms to optimize performance, and why all AI and ML systems are not created equally.

Darryl Hicks Headshot

Speaker Bio


Darryl has been active as a successful serial entrepreneur and technology expert for more than 20 years, having successfully exited from two of his prior businesses (2006, 2011). A pioneer in Card Not Present sales, Darryl has extensive experience building and managing technologically complex online and offline Direct Marketing businesses.