Neutralize Subscription Losses by Solving the Largest Source of Customer Churn

Combatting new economic challenges for subscription businesses

Proactive subscription businesses have reduced churn up to 34% and quickly gained millions in additional revenue dollars. Find out how they did it in this webinar.

We reveal powerful new insights into the sources of customer churn and provide a step-by-step action plan you can implement to immediately reduce churn from a source you may not even know exists.

Plus, we cover the landscape of modern payments technology and share operational analysis techniques to increase customer retention, short-term revenue, and customer LTV. Using these techniques is critical for improving your subscription business’ revenue growth and profitability in 2022.

This 25-minute webinar covers:

  • The economic challenges subscription businesses are currently facing
  • How you can manage and reduce involuntary churn
  • How technology that reduces voluntary churn drives revenue and increased LTV

Speaker Bio

Shane Thomas

Senior Client Success Manager

With over 20 years of client relations experience living in 5 different countries, it is safe to say Shane embraces the title of ‘people person’! With a consultative approach, Shane is passionate about his clients and their business. Always focusing on how to better support his clients, and furthermore, to help his clients take their business to the next level. He has a passion for the payments sector and loves to educate his clients and prospects on the benefits of FlexPay.