Failed Payment Recovery: Why the Method You Use to Recover Customers Matters

Understanding the various types of recovery solutions and their impact on the customer experience.


The single biggest cause of customer churn in subscription businesses are failed payments, and the strategies you implement to recover those failed payments matter. Research shows that customer visibility to the failed payment created through service interruptions and dunning approaches are also drivers of churn. By employing Invisible RecoveryTM solutions first, you can recover the declined transaction without involving your customer and therefore reducing churn. During this webinar you’ll learn:
  • Failed payments deep dive – why they happen, how they create customer churn, and the harm they do to revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.
  • A review of failed payment recovery methods and the unintended costs of some approaches.
  • Failed payment recovery best practices – a strategic roadmap for layering recovery tactics to optimize revenue recovery while avoiding customer churn.

Speaker Bio

Nick De Guise

With over 17 years of progressive experience in Client Success and Operations, Nick is focused on ensuring that each client has the best experience with FlexPay. In addition to managing FlexPay’s client-facing teams, Nick also directly provides strategic support to assist our clients in maximizing sales, revenues and profitability through revenue recovery.