Subscription Businesses: Understanding How to Calculate the True Cost of Failed Payments

Know the right values you need to calculate the cost of failed payments on your subscription business


The true cost of failed payments is far more costly than the loss of the single declined payment. It is critical to your business’ health to measure and minimize the pain that failed payments causes subscription businesses.

Once the direct relationship between failed payments and customer churn is understood and accepted, it becomes apparent that the total cost of unrecovered failed payments must be calculated not by measuring the cost of a single declined payment, but by measuring the revenue lost from all future payments the customer would have made if their subscription had not ended prematurely. That’s the actual cost of a lost customer.

During this 20 minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate the true cost failed payments cause your subscription business
  • How to calculate the total value from successful customer recovery after a failed payment
  • How to access the online tool to calculate these values for your business
Steve Arentzoff FlexPay VP Marketing Bio Headshot

Speaker Bio

Steve Arentzoff

Steve is a modern, results-oriented marketing executive with over 20 years of senior technology marketing leadership, building high-performance marketing organizations, category leadership, marketing and sales alignment, and accelerated company growth rates. Before joining FlexPay, Steve was VP of Demand Generation at Medallia, and Senior Vice President of Global Digital Marketing at Cision.