Building Best-In-Class Payments Experiences: How to Strategically Align Payments and Retention

Listen in on subscription experts discussing the importance of being customer obsessed


Melanie Stout (Optimized Payments) and Darryl Hicks (FlexPay) cover the importance of offering a great payment experience to customers for loyalty and retention.

The discussion covered strategies on how subscription businesses can create a payment experience that improves payment processes, reduces both involuntary and voluntary customer churn, and increases customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Speakers covered:

  • The importance of a great payment experience
  • The urgency behind why subscription businesses need to optimize their payment experience
  • What companies can do to improve their payment tech stack + best practices
  • and more!
Darryl Hicks Headshot

Speaker Bio

Darryl Hicks

CEO/Fouder, FlexPay

Darryl has been active as a successful serial entrepreneur and technology expert for more than 20 years. A pioneer in Card Not Present sales, Darryl has extensive experience building and managing technologically complex online and offline Direct Marketing businesses. Darryl is the CEO, and Founder of FlexPay, a transaction processing gateway that leverages machine learning to reduce credit card declines, as well as performing transaction cost and risk arbitrage. FlexPay was born out of necessity to optimize the significant volume of credit card processing within his Marketing and e-commerce businesses. Darryl has founded or co-founded several successful B2C and B2B businesses in the past, servicing millions of consumer customers across four continents, successfully exiting from two larger companies (2006, 2011). He has also served on the boards of multiple early-stage companies, holds technology patents, and serves as an active advisor to many e-commerce and Direct Marketing entrepreneurs.

Speaker Bio

Melanie Stout

Head of Recurring Services, Optimized Payments

Melanie Stout works with card-not-present, recurring revenue and card on file merchants to achieve continuous payments process improvements, reduce costs, reduce churn, and increase the lifetime value of their customers.

As a partner at Paul Larsen Consulting (PLC), Melanie worked with hundreds of merchants across multiple verticals to achieve optimal payments success. Melanie began her payments journey at Synapse Group, blazing the trail for continuous service magazine subscriptions. After Synapse Group, Melanie successfully built and launched the first direct-to-consumer recurring revenue stream as Director of Marketing at Melanie combined her knowledge of the subscription economy with B2C, B2B and B2P marketing, and helped companies of all sizes optimize their payments and increase lifetime value of their consumers. This expertise will enable Melanie, as Head of Recurring Services, to continue providing strategies for subscription and card on file merchants to improve their bottom lines.