AI Trends: Smart Technology for Optimizing Payments and Subscription Retention:

Learn the benefits behind implementing an AI solution that recognizes not all failed payments are the same


With over 8000 card issuing banks in North America alone, the failed credit card payment problem is huge. Most recovery systems cannot work effectively in such a complex environment. To combat this, artificial intelligence can be used as a powerful behind the scenes solution to recover failed payments.
The result: significant customer retention.

During this 25 minute webinar, we cover:

  • The complexity of failed payments and how they affect customer retention
  • How AI is uniquely suited to solve the problem
  • How AI can be applied in your payment recovery system
Jeff Pauletto Profile Picture

Speaker Bio

Jeffrey Pauletto

Director of Innovation and Data Sciences FlexPay

Jeffrey works with our team of Data Scientists and Data Analysts to produce machine learning models that enhance our understanding of failed payments and maximize recovered revenue.