Partnership Brings Improved Failed Payment Experience for Subscription Businesses and Their Customers

CALGARY, Alberta – May 12, 2022 – Symend announced today a technology partnership with FlexPay, a provider of AI-powered failed payment recovery solutions for subscription businesses. Symend will integrate its Behavioral Engagement Platform™ with the FlexPay platform to enable new and improved options. FlexPay recovers up to 70% of failed payments and extends the customer lifecycle following its interactions by up to 45% over other recovery solutions.

Inflation is causing prices for consumer goods to skyrocket; with some everyday items now costing 8.5% more than last year, according to the consumer price index. As a result, many customers are struggling to pay their bills and must make hard choices, which is leading to increased voluntary churn on their subscriptions, and causing pain for subscription companies. The FlexPay AI-Powered Invisible Recovery™ solution is the leading failed payment solution, dramatically lowering indirect churn, the leading cause of customer loss to subscription businesses. Invisible Recovery™ works directly with payment authorization systems, avoiding customer exposure to the failed payment to deliver industry-best recovery of payments and improved customer retention following seamless resolution.

The FlexPay platform will integrate Symend’s best-in-breed Behavioral Engagement Platform™ to expand the range of unique and optimal strategies for every type of failed payment. This integration will enable FlexPay to harness the power of behavioral science and provide hyper-personalization at scale, improving results for subscription businesses and enhancing the customer experience.

With Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Platform, FlexPay will gain increased ability to redeem failed payments on hard declines or any transactions where customer engagement is required. This will provide a richer customer experience and give companies more options to retain customers previously lost to failed payments. 

The new FlexPay Engaged Recovery solution enables all required transaction resolution options and information to be collected via an empathetic, positive customer experience that optimizes for recovery and retention. All updates are available to merchant billing systems so future payments will be successfully completed to avoid unnecessary customer interruption.

With FlexPay and Symend’s partnership, the benefits will include:

Darryl Hicks, CEO and founder, FlexPay, said: “By partnering with Symend, the FlexPay AI-powered failed payment recovery platform capabilities are strengthened, increasing our industry-best failed payments recovery performance by adding recovery options through customer engagement. At the same time, we’re able to remain committed to our ethos of delivering results while optimizing customer retention and satisfaction.” 

Hanif Joshaghani, CEO and co-founder, Symend, said: “By showing your customers you understand, you can soften the strong emotions that come with difficult circumstances – such as failed payments. When done well, you can turn a seemingly negative experience into a positive one. That creates a win-win for both customers and companies. With FlexPay, we’re working to help customers with improved options for payment recovery in a way that’s compassionate and efficient.”

About Symend

Symend is a leading SaaS company that turns difficult conversations and everyday moments into positive experiences across the entire customer journey. Symend’s Behavioral Engagement PlatformTM delivers digital experiences that are hyper-personalized based on the science behind consumer behavior. Our solution achieves better results and builds stronger relationships with nearly half the outreaches. By adapting as customers change, Symend helps top enterprises create and keep customers for life. Founded in 2016, Symend is headquartered in Calgary and privately held, with global operations across Canada, the United States and Latin America. For more information, please visit

About FlexPay

FlexPay is the leading global payments and technology company delivering a machine learning and AI-powered solution to identify and solve false credit card declines, a global problem preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in legitimate transactions between merchants and customers annually. The platform is trained on billions of transactions, enabling performance that is unmatched in the payments industry. The company is committed to creating more efficiency, trust, and transparency in payments processing, helping merchants and their customers settle more legitimate transactions.