Excerpt from forbes.com article: 5 Industries That Are Pushing the Boundaries of AI

“Artificial intelligence is forcing industries to evolve at an incredible rate. By helping companies save time and money, AI is already revolutionizing productivity and customer service around the world.

A Microsoft survey of more than 400 senior executives across eight global markets found that executives expect AI to benefit their businesses to positively impact growth, productivity, innovation, and job creation. A stunning 94% of them see AI as an important tool for solving strategic challenges.

Finance pros who work behind the scenes have embraced AI as well. Payment gateway FlexPay uses AI to predict and prevent credit card declines. By adapting several characteristics of a merchant’s transactions to better meet the risk standards of financial institutions, it lowers their risk score and significantly increases the ratio of approved payments. As AI matures, expect to see rules-based systems phased out for everything from fraud detection to equity management.”