In 1965, Ray Fosdick’s friend got the crazy idea to gold plate some spoons and then try to sell them in Good Housekeeping magazine for two bucks each.

When the spoons became a surprise hit, Ray offered to quickly and reliably fulfill all the orders pouring in, and did a marvellous job at it. Within a short time, General Electric and American Express came calling for help in expediting their coupon management and credit card challenges, too, soon followed by Sears, IBM and Publishers Clearing House.

In 1984, the supernova of direct-response television (DRTV) exploded, with Fosdick shipping everything from Richard Simmons videos to fruitcakes.

Today, Fosdick fulfills for a panoply of industries, getting millions of products into the hands of customers who order via e-commerce, retail or DRTV platforms.


What This Long-Anticipated Integration Means

FlexPay is pleased to announce that our long-anticipated software integration with Fosdick is now live and humming along beautifully!

Adding this second critical technological union in the DRTV space finally allows FlexPay to unblock dozens of new clients in this lucrative space.

“Since our other DRTV clients were already enjoying massive success with FlexPay, we’ve had multiple clients waiting on this integration to be completed in order to use our services.”

Darryl Hicks, CEO

“We’re confident that this integration will not only allow us to provide great value to new customers on Fosdick’s platform, but assure solid revenue growth for FlexPay in this vertical throughout 2019,” Hicks added.

Integrations open doors, and this is a large one we just stepped through.


How We’re Doubling Down on Relationships

Representative of FlexPay’s ongoing commitment to excellence, we’re pleased to announce that Megan Mann has officially joined the company as our VP of Channel Partners and Sales.

As the former head of ClickBank University and an 11-year industry veteran of the online marketing world, Megan adds a next-level depth of insight and skill to our management of channel partnership expansion.

“Megan’s proven success in fostering highly-valuable relationships across long spans of time will be invaluable in helping us to continue deepening our relationship with channel partners.”

Darryl Hicks, CEO

“Her decade-plus experience in managing sales teams will allow us to better refine and optimize our own sales processes, so I’m thrilled to add her to the FlexPay team, and have high hopes for what we’re going to be build together,” Hicks added.

Great places to work create great partners to work with.