He’s reviewed 400 investment pitches from fast-growing companies.

He’s worked in-house with multiple tech companies.

He was working as CFO for the Family Office of an angel investment firm (that specializes in tech companies) when he heard about FlexPay and was so excited about what he learned that he packed his bags, and joined our team.

His name is Laurent Binda–FlexPay’s new CFO.

“FlexPay truly embraces the advent of AI, and has developed a next-level product that’s a must-have for any merchant processing credit card payments,” Binda explains.

“I am convinced that it’s disruptors like FlexPay that will fuel future growth of the Fintech industry. Alongside the wizards that develop our technology is an experienced team of dealmakers, which I am very honored to join.’’

“I hire people brighter than me, and then get out of their way.”

Lee Iacocca

Laurent Binda is the latest, brightest filament of FlexPay’s increasingly brilliant glow. He’ll play a key role in effectively communicating with both outside stakeholders and upcoming institutional investors.

Mann Making Moves

Binda’s addition to FlexPay’s team comes hot on the heels of Megan Mann adding her intensity as FlexPay’s new VP of Channel Partners & Sales in late 2018.

“Joining the FlexPay team has been nothing short of amazing,” Mann reflects.

“I’ve been unbelievably impressed with the talent housed within the organization, the drive and commitment for growth shown by each team member, and our industry-leading technology that directly impacts the bottom line for the customers we serve.”

Mann continues: “We’ve made some great progress over the last few months as the team has worked strategically and cohesively. We’ve locked in a robust trade show schedule for business development, expanded our integrations and client conversations to new and exciting verticals, and built the foundation to optimize our inbound and outbound sales process, structure, and tracking.”

As Ray Dalio points out, “the who is more important than the what.”

As we upgrade our who’s, we upgrade our what’s, too.


FlexPay Recognized as Level 1 PCI Compliant for 2019

FlexPay’s technology team continues to shine, consistently re-qualifying us as Level 1 PCI Compliant.

As CEO Darryl Hicks explains, “Since Level 1 PCI Compliance is the cost of entry to connecting with all the major banks and FinTech players in the payments ecosystem, our technical team does a phenomenal job in making sure we maintain the highest level of security and VISA DSS compliance.”

Securing bulletproof integrations with influential partners also remains a key priority for FlexPay for Q1 of 2019, since new verticals mean new clients, new progress, and new revenue.

“We’ve seen very high rates of recovery on declines from our DRTV sources.”

Darryl Hicks, CEO

“Unblocking more of those customers through our integrations with Fosdick and World Pack has allowed us to bring great value to that industry while also bringing in some great marquee brands. The DRTV industry continues to be a very profitable source of business for FlexPay with several new strong partnerships forming.”