FlexPay Sponsors 2018 Traffic & Conversion Summit

As the largest marketing event in North America, and “one of the world’s top 10 marketing events” according to Inc Magazine, the Traffic & Conversion Summit (T&C) was always on our internal short list as a conference potentially worth sponsoring.

With 6,000 attendees and 108 sessions, T&C attracts world-class e-commerce marketers from all over the world, many of whom could benefit directly from FlexPay’s powerful decline salvage technology.

FlexPay was delighted to invest in sponsorship of Traffic and Conversion’s 2018 conference, representing the very first trade show exhibition for FlexPay.

We enjoyed hundreds of conversations, generated dozens of qualified leads, and signed several new customers.

Unsurprisingly, the founders of T&C also expressed interest in FlexPay, and soon became clients themselves!

In the short time since, they’ve already generated some of our most impressive results.