Intensity matters to us.
Results matter to us.
Craftsmanship matters to us.

For these reasons and more, “Be fully invested” has been one of FlexPay’s established core values since inception.

It had always been a plan of FlexPay’s Founder, Darryl Hicks, to profit-share with employees who help the company reach success, but when two senior employees recently reached out to Darryl asking if they could invest beyond just a participation in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Darryl agreed on the condition that every employee be offered the chance to participate, not just the executives who approached him privately.

“I never expected the reaction we received, I was deeply humbled—and frankly blown away—to see how excited everyone truly was about what we’re building together.”

Darryl Hicks, CEO

A one month window was opened, creating an opportunity for every employee to buy into the future of FlexPay (literally). Over two-thirds of employees purchased company shares, raising $180K internally.

Emotionally speaking, our people have always been fully invested in FlexPay.

Now it’s financially true, too.