Technology needs to be able to talk to other technology.

For a prospective user of Flexpay’s services, one of the sole criteria for implementation on the technical side is the ability of the prospect’s payment gateway to effectively communicate with Flexpay’s own machine-learning technology.

For this reason, the gaggle of computer scientists on our world-class development team is tasked with continuously adding new, reliable, tested, secure integrations to support the widest possible array of gateway vendors.

In April 2018, FlexPay reached a new milestone on this path, achieving seamless support and integration with 130 of the world’s most loved and used e-commerce payment gateways.

This achievement now allows us to process transactions across the vast majority of all acquirers in North America and several internationally.

We’re committed to supporting as many acquiring banks and gateways as possible, making it easier for more and more customers to salvage the highest number of transactions with FlexPay’s help.

When it comes to payment gateways, the more, the merrier…