FlexPay Integrates with Chargify to Maximize Revenue Recovery for B2B SaaS Companies

FlexPay, the leader in AI-driven decline salvage, is excited to announce a new partnership with Chargify, the billing and subscription management platform built for B2B SaaS, to help companies recover declined and failed transactions.

This eagerly anticipated integration means that clients using Chargify’s billing solution can now easily setup retry intelligence for transactions that failed or were not approved. The retry is done using FlexPay’s recovery engine: an AI-driven machine learning solution that leverages billions of transactions and picks the optimal retry strategy, resulting in significantly higher approval rates.

“Partnering with Chargify allows us to help B2B SaaS companies recover falsely declined payments that may have otherwise never recovered,” says Darryl Hicks, Founder & CEO of FlexPay.

“Companies need to be thinking strategically about declined payments and what recovery means for their bottom line. It’s more than recovering a transaction for a customer; it’s the impact of the transaction on the customer’s lifetime value. Companies work tremendously hard to acquire customers; we understand that and are focused on delivering the highest rate of recovery to retain them. We’re honoured to partner with Chargify to help solve this problem,” adds Hicks.

FlexPay uses a pay-for-performance pricing model, which means there is no risk for the merchant as they are only charged on recovery lift. During the onboarding process, merchants may choose how conservative they’d like to the recovery attempts to be, or rely on FlexPay’s recommendation, which will determine the strategy based on their historical data and the billions of transactions already processed. This flexible approach allows merchants to choose how they’d like to move forward with their recovery efforts.

Chargify clients can reach out to their account rep for more details or contact our team, and we’ll get you started.