Failed payment recovery for Stripe Billing

FlexPay for Stripe Billing recovers more subscription failed payments by creating specialized payment recovery strategies. Merchants add FlexPay to Stripe Billing when they require expert technology and support.

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True AI that makes decisions for each transaction

We built our AI to make decisions in (near) real time, drawing on data from 8B+ transactions gathered from financial industry partners outside the Stripe ecosystem. Our Machine Learning and Deep Learning models review why the transaction failed and determine the most efficient way to how to fix it. This allows us to quickly recover failed payments with the fewest number of retries possible. 

Failed payment recovery requires expertise

Built into our technology is a deep knowledge of the payments system. Every new customer gets a free architecture review, an implementation plan and in-person onboarding. Once the FlexPay solution is up and running, we manually monitor the transaction flow and look for new ways to optimize performance as your business grows and changes.

Same powerful optimization, with more recovery from retries

Over the years, we’ve seen that the bulk of recurring billing recovery comes from high-performing automatic retries within the payments system. This is also the best method for preserving a natural lifetime of the relationship because it is completely invisible to the customer. If you’re not seeing these results from your default Stripe billing setup, you may need expert payment recovery help.

When failed payments are coming from outside of Stripe

FlexPay plugs directly into Stripe Billing as an add-on and it also works with custom CRMs and payment gateways outside of Stripe. This provides a unified solution across systems. Merchants add FlexPay to Stripe Billing when they need expert technology and support to recover more subscription failed payments but also want to preserve the natural lifetime value of their subscribers.

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