If you’re the type of person that thrives in an environment of smart, driven, and competent colleagues, then you may have found your home.

.Net Developer
As a .Net developer, you will be a core member of the SCRUM team. We’ll rely on your expertise and insights to formulate solutions to the myriad problems posed by our ground breaking billing application. You’ll engage in debates, craft brilliant solutions and write good tight code.
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Scrum Master
We are looking for a talented, pro‐active and enthusiastic ScrumMaster who knows how to work with a team of highly skilled engineers in a fast moving agile environment and play a key role in building our world beating SaaS Billing Platform. Your passion, positive attitude, effective communication skills, willingness to learn/explore and awesome team work will help you hit the ground running.
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As an econometrician, you will be sought after by everyone in the business.
Your primary responsibility will be to continue to develop our understanding of the payments industry, mining data to provide insights into fraud, consumer behaviour and the rules that underly all the many tiers of banking. You will have freedom to explore an array of analysis vehicles from machine learning, to standard regression, to neural networks. We’ll rely on you to inform our business decisions and influence the direction of our
software development.
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Marketing Manager
The incumbent will work closely with the Director of Operations, and the inhouse Marketing Specialist to deliver upon the established need of the business for both the B2C and FlexPay operations. The Marketing Manager will be responsible for the oversight of the marketing agencies we are currently working with for our various projects, and will hold the ownership of these critical relationships. Additionally, the Marketing Manager will need to use her creativity and judgement to guide the marketing vision for our various corporate and product specific websites. Successful applicants should also have a network of vendors and freelancers to provide an immediate resource pool to call upon.
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