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  • Accountant

    We are looking for a talented, staff accountant & office manager who can be the foundation of a small but awesome Finance group.  Must be pro-active, hands on, willingness to learn and the desire to accomplish tasks.  We are looking for someone who likes to work smart, not hard.  A love for optimizing and making tasks as automated and efficient as possible is desired. You're the kind of person who loves to learn & grow but you're not afraid to admit that you don't know everything and you're open to other people's feedback. You see challenges and are excited to come up with ways to creatively overcome them. If you've ever had a job where unwillingness to change or adapt has frustrated you, you'll fit right in here.

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  • Customer Support Manager

    As the Customer Support Manager, you will work closely with the Director of Operations and our Development Team to support our SaaS clientele in using our FlexPay platform, and to expand our support team throughout 2018. FlexPay is growing rapidly, and you are entering at the forefront of the next stage of our evolution.  Today, you will be responsible to work with the Director of Operations and the Development team to support the growth of our business and respond to the needs of our growing customer base, while tomorrow you will be responsible for managing a 24/7 support team who will be critical in driving our customer success.

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  • .Net Developer

    As a .Net developer, you will be a core member of the SCRUM team. We’ll rely on your expertise and insights to formulate solutions to the myriad problems posed by our ground breaking billing application. You’ll engage in debates, craft brilliant solutions and write good tight code.

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  • Platform Data Architect

    We're looking for a Platform Data Architect to elevate our product team’s approach and process with regards to database structure, ETLs, data-warehouse, BI and dashboarding. Creating data marts should be second nature and you are ready come to the table with best practices and knowledge of industry best in class solutions.

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  • Product Integration and Support Specialist

    As a Product Support Specialist, you will be responsible for the well-being of our clients. You will be responsible for assisting our new clients in integrating with the FlexPay platform, and once integrated to support their day to day needs in conjunction with our Relationship Managers. You will be there for them from the beginning of their integration and throughout their entire life-cycle.

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  • Relationship Manager

    A day in the life of this position includes managing internal and external stakeholders, understanding our clients wants and needs, and working closely with the product development team to ensure that we can respond to those needs in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re a customer advocate and want to be involved in the growth of an exciting new software, this is the position for you

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  • Scrum Master

    We are looking for a talented, pro-active and enthusiastic ScrumMaster who knows how to work with a team of highly skilled engineers in a fast moving agile environment and play a key role in building our world beating SaaS Billing Platform. Your passion, positive attitude, effective communication skills, willingness to learn/explore and awesome team work will help you hit the ground running.

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  • Statistician

    As a statistician, you will be sought after by everyone in the business. Everyone on the team will want to pick your brain and get your input on their decisions so you'll have a large influence over the direction we go in. Your primary responsibility will be to continue to develop our understanding of the payments industry, mining data to provide insights into fraud, consumer behaviour and the rules that underlie all the many tiers of banking. You will have freedom to explore an array of analysis vehicles from machine learning, to standard regression, to neural networks. You'll have a vital role in informing our business decisions and you'll influence the direction of our software development.

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