Why Should I Become a FlexPay Referral Partner? 

Let’s run through a couple of scenarios that we are very familiar with as many referral partners experience similar problems. 

I’m a consultant, and I help subscription-based companies optimize collections. The client I am working with is in pain. His churn is through the roof because he is unable to collect from his clients even though they want his product and want to pay! Like many clients I have worked with before, a significant portion of credit card transactions are declined, his are at 24%. Completely unsustainable! He is retrying credit cards, but most of the time, it doesnt work. I am well versed in implementing SMS-email messaging systems. I have contacts in third-party call centers and know the best collections agencies out there. Even though my efforts helped my client collect many of his account receivablesI realized that no one wants to be disturbed, and even less by collection agencies! 

My client is not happy. In fact, he is furious. Negative reviews have appeared on his Facebook page. The collection agency was aggressive, and the call center left ten messages on one of the customer’s voicemail. Plus, my emails were often unopened.  

While I helped to reduce the number of lost customers, I, unfortunately, created another problem that has turned into a PR nightmare. Even though my mandate has been over for months, my client is harassing me, and I’m working for free to keep my name unscathed.” 

The situation outlined above is not uncommon. So, how can we help?

At FlexPay, we offer something new to your toolbox. By connecting your client’s CRM or merchant banking portal to our gateway, we can drastically increase the number of approved credit card transactions without any involvement from the end customer. They won’t be disturbed and won’t have any knowledge that sophisticated AI-machine learning software was used to have their recurring subscription approved! The process will also be seamless on your client’s side. There will be MORE money in his bank account at the end of the month. His reliance on your traditional methods of recovery will go down, and customer satisfaction will go up. It’s as simple as that, use FlexPay’s Machine Learning model trained on over 8 billion credit card transactions, and you’ll solve a large portion of this problem. The cherry on top, by referring your client to FlexPay, you will continue to make money long after your mandate is over. Sounds good, right? 

A second scenario might look like the following: 

“I own a SaaS company, and FlexPay has been a lifesaver for us. Before using their service, my credit card recoveries were about 10%, and then they went way up to 50% in matter of weeks. I’ve been talking to all my friends who are CEOs. Declines are hurting you, right? What are you doing with them? Oh yeah, that sounds like a pain, doesn’t it? Well, I have lab coats looking after mine! What a load of my chest. Use FlexPay! They only charge a fee on lift, and you can be up-and-running in a matter of hours”. 

You may be wondering, what’s in it for me?

Well, besides helping your clients and building a better relationship with them, you could also earn money on your referrals! As a result, many of our clients aren’t spending a dime on our service! In fact, many of them allot time every month to go through their contacts to promote FlexPay.  We believe that we are partners in this together. So many companies out there need our help, and together we are confident that FlexPay will become ubiquitous running effective subscription-based services 

Become a FlexPay Referral Partner today! Contact us to find out more.