FlexPay Does
All the Work For You

FlexPay uses statistically based machine learning to figure out the best time, transit, and testing process to handle your transactions. It has the capacity to deal with hundreds of millions of transactions in a given month and is built with a statistical algorithm that is able to collect and analyze new information gained at every transaction.

It’s consistently finding ways to recover and retain your future transactions. As our software gathers data, the statistical predictions increase in accuracy. FlexPay balances the risk of every transaction against its likelihood of being approved, so more of your transactions are approved while mitigating risks.

By saving transactions from declining, FlexPay also improves your future transaction approval ratios from each client.

Our competitors are still using rules-based systems to help their clients process payments. These systems aren’t taking into account newly discovered factors at each transaction or predicting the likelihood of successfully processed payments.

Our statistically-based system does.
It's not just about the
one declined transaction.

By saving the first transaction from declining, FlexPay also retains your future transactions from each client.

  • Improving approval rates
  • Lowering transaction fees
  • Reducing chargebacks
  • Decreasing refunds
  • Balancing risk across banking assets

We have 15 years of online selling background, plus in-depth knowledge of Merchant Account management and Merchant Banking relationships.


Our system will flag transactions that require manual intervention to be dealt with by a person, and will deal with everything else.


Unlike our competitors, we add a level of visibility to unaddressed and unknown decline salvage issues that are not normally visible due to unidentified decline codes.